Sorbo 3X4 Quick Silver Squeegee Channels - w/Tapered Ends

Sorbo 3X4 Quick Silver Channels (w/Tapered Ends)

Tired of bent channels? Sorbo 3X4 channels are made of a lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum. This allows you to use longer length channels with greater accuracy and control!

The Sorbo 3X4 Quick Silver Channels feature 40-degree tapered ends with end clips. These channels are excellent for use with the S-technique since they clean closer to the frame and into corners. Notice that the end is tapered on the back side of the channel as shown in the bottom picture if you click on the enlarge image feature.

Each channel comes with one rubber squeegee blade already installed. Handle sold separately.

Please note: Smaller Quick Silver channels - 10, 8, 6, and 5 - are listed with the Black Mamba Channels, since they DO NOT have tapered ends.

Product SKU Description Price Order
12 Inch SOR-S1273
Price: $11.74
14 Inch SOR-S1277
Price: $12.66
16 Inch SOR-S1281
Price: $13.88
18 Inch SOR-S1285
Price: $15.18
20 Inch SOR-S1289
Price: $17.07
22 Inch SOR-S1293
Price: $18.04
24 Inch SOR-S1297
Price: $19.30
26 Inch SOR-S1301
Price: $21.29
30 Inch SOR-S1305
Price: $23.73
36 Inch SOR-S1309
Price: $27.66

Customer Reviews
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1. on 4/14/2018, said:
Love Love Love ‘em! I’ve got every size channel for every size window. And a dozen other sizes that I’ve cut to custom lengths. Sorbo channels are all I use. I use the 24” and when ends wear out on the rubber I cut it and use it my 16” channel and when the ends on the rubber wear out again I cut them again down to my 6” channel to wipe the sils.
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2. on 6/25/2015, said:
Couldn't live without it!
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