RHG ReachAround Water-fed Adapter

ReachAround Adapter

Waterpoles are great, however there are times when certain areas of glass need a little more scrubbing or scraping than a waterpole brush can apply.

The ReachAround Adapter is a small ACME-threaded tip that attaches to a gooseneck and faces the opposite direction as the brush. This adapter will accept a variety of tools like our swivel scrub pad holder. You can also place a wood taper on the ReachAround Adapter to use it any of your other window cleaning tools.

The ReachAround Adapter can be made to work with most waterpoles. It works best with Gardiner goosenecks.

The ReachAround Adapter works best with our swivel pad holder (SC-7006SA) and the bronze scrubs pads (SC-BW8000) or a wooden taper tip (QL-TAPER) to adapter any window cleaning tool.

ReachAround Adapter w/Gooseneck
RHG ReachAround Water-fed Adapter
SKU: RH-RA075-

This is the ReachAround Adapter and a Gardiner gooseneck already assembled.

Choose a gooseneck option to best fit your waterpole and brush:

  • ** Euro/Euro: Euro thread at both ends (Most popular style!)
  • ** Euro/Square: Euro thread at pole, square lock at brush head
  • ** Stem/Euro: Stem at the pole, euro thread at the brush head
  • ** Stem/Square: Stem at the pole, square lock at the brush head
Price: $19.95

Red Tip ONLY
RHG ReachAround Water-fed Adapter

This is just the red ACME-threaded ReachAround Adapter Tip. This works best with Gardiner goosenecks and includes a longer bolt.

Price: $8.00

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