Unger Golden Clip Brass Squeegee Complete

Unger Brass Squeegee Complete

The Unger GoldenClip Brass Squeegee Complete is Unger's Brass Squeegee Channel with a standard brass handle for the perfect combination of reliability and performance.

This is a channel and the recommended handle in a complete unit, with one rubber squeegee blade already installed.

Product SKU Description Price Order
6 Inch U-GS000-GC150
Price: $12.86
10 Inch U-GS000-GC250
Price: $14.44
12 Inch U-GS000-GC300
Price: $14.96
14 Inch U-GS000-GC350
Price: $16.17
16 Inch U-GS000-GC400
Price: $16.64
18 Inch U-GS000-GC450
Price: $17.22
22 Inch U-GS000-GC550
Price: $18.91

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