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Winsol Polyclean

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The use of break-resistant, sturdy thermoplastics as a safety replacement for glass in high-risk locations is almost universal. But, the same properties which make Lexan, Plexiglas and other polycarbonates appropriate for special applications - impact resistance with optical clarity - make them susceptible to surface damage.

Graffiti, industrial stains, paint, grease, grime and tar are all common problems affecting plastics installations. Up to now, available cleaning compounds effective in removing these materials also destroyed the sensitive surface of the underlying material and seriously impaired its optical clarity.

Winsol Polyclean is a safe, effective blend of water-soluble solvents, surfactants, and sequestriants which, when used according to instructions, will provide optimum cleaning power to plate Plexiglas and Lexan used both indoors and out.


  • Removes lacquer, enamel, permanent marker and all types of graffiti
  • Softens and dissolves abraded plastic residues, inks, waxes and resins
  • Eliminates grease, grime, tar, smoke, and rubber residues without abrasion of the surface material
  • Reduces labor costs since Polyclean sprays on and rinses off completely

Available in a 1 gallon jug.

Product No. WIN-170

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