Red CLX Gardiner Poles

Gardiner CLX Waterpole

The Gardiner CLX Waterpole is a great starter pole for lower heights. It has the following features:

  • Telescopic Carbon-Composite Pole featuring v2 Smart Clamps
  • Complete with 11 inch Super-Lite brush, Quick-LoQ gooseneck, clear waterpole hose, and connector
  • 50% Carbonfiber Content in Extending Sections -- Featuring the Gardiner Smart Clamp

Available in 4, 10, 18, 22, and 27 feet.

Gardiner waterpoles 10 feet or less come with 25 feet of clear hose. Gardiner waterpoles between 11 feet and 35 feet come with 50 feet with clear hose. Gardiner waterpoles 36 feet or more come with 100 feet of clear hose.

Poles include  Gardiner's NEW Ultimate Dupont Hybrid Brush with each Gardiner waterpole. This brush has received great feedback in the field.

Product SKU Description Price Order
4 Feet GP-CLX-4
2 Sections
Price: $105.00
10 Feet GP-CLX-10
3 Sections
Price: $177.45
18 Feet GP-CLX-18
4 Sections
Price: $187.95
22 Feet GP-CLX-22
5 Sections
Price: $246.75
27 Feet GP-CLX-27

6 Sections

About 4lb

Price: $345.45
#7 section for CLX GP-CLX-9-07
#7 section can be added to 27' model for extra height
Approximately 32 ft height when added. Simply slides on to your 27' model
Price: $91.35

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