Moerman Ultimate Squeegee -- Excelerator Handle, Liquidator 2.0 Channel, F*LIQ Pad

Moerman Ultimate Squeegee

Now you can buy Moerman's most innovative tool all in one!

The Moerman Ultimate Squeegee is a combination of the Excelerator Handle, a Liquidator 2.0 Channel, and a F*LIQ pad. Clean windows faster!

See the images to the left for two ways to assemble the Moerman Ultimate Squeegee.

Available in 10, 14, and 18 inch.

Product SKU Description Price Order
10 Inch Complete MT-EX00-LQF10-FQP10
Price: $36.95
14 Inch Complete MT-EX00-LQF14-FQP14
Price: $40.95
18 Inch Complete MT-EX00-LQF18-FQP18
Price: $42.65

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