Awning Cleaners - Winsol Xtra Shine

Winsol Xtra Shine

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Winsol Xtra Shine has the emollients, plasticizers, and UV blockers needed to give long-lasting life and beauty to your awning and vinyl fabric investments, along with our newest formula to bring out the gleaming shine associated with new vinyl.

Xtra Shine actually penetrates the vinyl to displace embedded soils and replace critical plasticizers. Repeated use will increase luster and shine to like new. Xtra Shine will help seal the vinyl so air- and rain-borne soils cannot bond to the surface. Subsequent cleaning will be much easier and faster.


  • Shines vinyl and rubber to dazzling brightness
  • Replaces plasticizer lost through migration
  • Increases the life of awning and sign vinyl
  • Maximize protection against the ravages of sun, rain, birds and air-borne pollution
  • Future cleaning is far easier and much more effective

Available in a 1 gallon jug.

Product No. WIN-830

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