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Sky Genie Sit Boards

Sky Genie’s sit boards are available in 2-point or 4-point versions. This refers to how many web straps are attached to provide the suspension points for the board. The 2-point features a single strap that enters and exits the board in two places for better ease of movement. The 4-point features straps that pass through the board at each of the four corners for greater stability. All Sky Genie boards feature tool hangers on both sides (with room to move or add more), a laminated board, and separate rings for the straps on either side.

A few of the Sky Genie boards also come with a belt strap. H-SG103 & H-SG130 DO NOT include belt straps.

Available in 2-point or 4-point with or without a cushion.

Product SKU Description Price Order
2-Point w/o Cushion H-SG100
Price: $175.35
2-Point w/o Cushion (No Belt Strap) H-SG103
Price: $159.60
2-Point w/Cushion H-SG107
Price: $287.70
4-Point w/o Cushion (No Belt Straps) H-SG130
Price: $205.80
4-Point w/Cushion H-SG140
Price: $308.70

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